Planning Now Pays Later

Styles for any room in your home or office

by Exciting Windows! | March 31, 2017

It’s easy to remember the beautiful draperies a friend or relative had hanging in their living room. But those rooms that stick out and make us feel so cozy typically don’t come together out of thin air. Envisioning and planning goes into any great look and before selecting the window treatments that fit your vision, there are some baseline steps to include in the process.

Style For Miles

Selecting window treatments can be a challenge, but let’s be honest – if you don’t put in the effort to find what’s right, you could be left with a bare view and miss out on all the advantages they offer. Style is often one of the first components that goes into matching your room(s) to the thought bubbles you have inside your head. Simple, sleek lines for example are always popular, they create sleek silhouettes that create a modern and clean look. A geometric pattern can give a room a youthful and vibrant tone. Also, just as in other aspects of life, technology continues to play a larger role in window treatments, making life easier and sometime more fun. You can utilize tech by opening and/or closing blinds with a remote control, switch or even via the web!


Draperies and shades of soft neutral tones and pattern
create a backdrop of simplicity and elegance for this living room.

Brightening Things Up

Colors and the interplay between them is the key to establishing a room’s soul — calmness, peace, cheer or comfort and it’s no different with window treatments. With a little practice and experimentation, anyone can learn to use color to establish and use a room’s feel. Start by asking yourself what your favorite colors are. On the surface, that might look like an easy question, but choosing a color for your window treatments is directly related to what feelings you want to evoke and how you plan to use your space. After you establish your favorite colors, you can fill in the holes by asking some follow-up questions such as how do you want people to feel in a specific room? What rooms have you been in and loved, what were the commonalities and should a room feel warm or cool? List all your potential colors and document how each specifically makes you feel.

Understanding basic color is important, in context to primary, secondary and especially tertiary color patterns — so that you can start conceptualizing how different colors work when layered and/or blended. You can cool your space by using blues and greens, warm it by using reds and oranges or establish neutrality with whites, tans and beiges. Once you have an idea of your color preferences you can have some fun exploring


Soft muted hues and patterns sooth the soul in this stately living room.


Functionality, Functionality, Functionality.

While yes, window treatments provide the ability to completely transform a room’s aesthetic appeal, it’s still important to know how the functionality they can bring to the table can enhance your space(s). Remember that time you were sleeping peacefully on a Saturday morning, only to be woken up by piercing rays of persistent sun? There are various types that serve a myriad of functions that will allow you to maintain your serenity. One main benefit you should be looking for is protection. Whatever style you pick needs to protect you from the heat of the sun, especially if you live in a warmer climate. Picking a treatment that will protect your carpet and/or furniture, for example, is often overlooked – Think of it like an insurance policy for your decorative features.   Other offerings can help insulate to save on energy costs, lighten or darken your space to facilitate sleeping, reading or whatever activities are important to your lifestyle

A combination of custom drapery with an undertreatment of horizontal blinds
provides elegance, light control and privacy.

February means we’re one step closer to seeing beautiful flowers, leaves and blue skies again. It’s never too early to start planning and conceptualizing the rooms and spaces you’ve always envisioned. With Exciting Windows! customer-focused guarantees, philosophies and standards, we make planning easy. Call us today to book your free home consultation and together we can start making your vision a reality!


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