More Than Just Beautiful: Practical Uses for Sheer Curtains

Living area with sofa and chairs placed in front of three large windows adorned with sheer shades that have rotating vanes to provide privacyAh, to capture the dreamy outlook on life that’s shared by two people falling in love! For many homeowners, the view through the gauzy, almost transparent fabric of sheer curtains and draperies evokes that feeling of romance. Then again, many other people prize sheer curtains for their practical side—they let in lots of natural light, and they’re typically easy to clean.

Sheer curtains are time-honored window treatments that have come a long way in recent years, dramatically increasing the benefits they provide. If you love the look of sheer curtains, but you think they won’t provide the level of privacy and light control you need, you’ll want to explore recent innovations that have made sheer window coverings more practical than ever. Here are only two practical benefits you’ll get by choosing sheer curtains for your windows:

Believe It or Not—Privacy

In days gone by, sheer curtains needed an opaque fabric partner—either heavier fabric drapes that could be drawn in front of them or a thick lining that could open and close underneath—to deliver any measure of privacy. Today, there are semi-sheer options that will provide the same look and feel as traditional sheers, but they’re designed to prevent prying eyes from seeing inside the home, at least by day. If you also want privacy at night, you can choose sheers that combine see-through material with rotating fabric vanes, allowing you to shut the world out whenever you want.

The Illusion of More

Whether you have a small, ho-hum window or a tiny room that feels cramped and dark, sheer draperies can trick the eye into thinking that all is big and bright. Hanging floor-length sheers a few inches above the top of a window will create the illusion of a larger window. And, because window sheers deliver a light and airy feel, a small living space will seem more expansive than it really is.

Exciting Windows! Can Help You Decide

If you’re planning to replace your home window treatments and you’d like to learn more about the practical uses of modern sheer curtains, Exciting Windows! stands ready to help. We have an extensive network of friendly, knowledgeable design consultants, one of whom can help you go over your options and choose the ideal custom window treatments to suit your preferences and budget. Contact us today for more information.