Renew Your Window Décor Room-by-Room, Starting Right Now!

Since springtime comes just once each year, why not make the freshness of the season last all year by updating or enhancing the beauty of your windows, your main portal to the great outdoors!  Light control and beauty are what custom window décor is all about, and we have great, specific solutions for every room in your home.  Let’s talk family/great room first.

Every family room or great room calls for hard working window treatments since loads of different activities occurring there call for vastly different amounts of light. More daylight is great for many activities and outdoor views, but not so great for watching big games or movies on your flat screen. Layers of heavily lined drapery or blackout shades over sheer draperies, shutters or sun shades provide the versatility to accommodate both extremes simply by giving you complete control over how much light you desire by opening and closing the layers!


Draperies can be made to create the perfect environment for daytime televised entertainment by lining them with blackout fabric, and in some cases that depend on the weight and opaqueness of the drapery, simply by lining them properly with conventional lining materials. Nothing adds richness and a tangible feeling of quality than well-lined draperies, open or closed.  They bring beauty and value to your room, and help control temperature and UV light damage as well. Over sun shades that allow varying amounts of outdoor views, or over sheer fabric shades, blinds or shutters, the flexibility of the total window treatment makes your great room or family room the perfect spot for get-togethers of every kind.

This can also be accomplished with layers of sheer and opaque shades and blinds from the innovative makers of some truly amazing window fashion products.  No one is limited by conventional slatted blinds or vertical blinds anymore when it comes to covering a great room’s large windows, and there are even combination products that are both sheer and opaque at once. As your at-home window fashion expert, I’d love to show you all about these technological wonders that can make your home even more beautiful and comfortable!

Call for your free at-home consultation, and we’ll get started on a rewarding and fun décor adventure. I’ll bring not just samples, but also great ideas to make your dream windows a reality!