The Revival of Shutters in Contemporary Interior Design

Picture of shutters in a contemporary dining room.If you’ve been researching window treatment options, you may have noticed that interior shutters seem to be making a comeback. Below, we explain what shutters are and why they’ve made a resurgence in contemporary interior design.

What Are Shutters?

Shutters are a type of window treatment that often feature operable louvers set into a frame. These louvers can usually be tilted open and closed. In some cases, interior shutters may come with fixed louvers, solid panels, fabric inserts, or glass panes instead of operable louvers.

Why Are Interior Shutters So Popular Right Now?

Although shutters have consistently held a spot in the design world since their invention, they were especially popular at certain points in history. For example, when homeowners increasingly began installing plate glass windows, many used shutters to help protect the glass from damage.

Today, interior shutters are enjoying a revival in large part thanks to the green design movement. Because shutters reflect light when closed, they act as an insulator that can help regulate temperatures and ease the strain on HVAC systems. Shutters are also popular among today’s interior designers because they:

  • Add charm and character to a space
  • Allow for flexible light, privacy, and ventilation control
  • Can be customized to fit each homeowner’s size and style preferences
  • Don’t take up much room, making them a great option for areas with little to no space for curtains

Your Source for Custom-Made Shutters

If you think shutters might be the right fit for your home, turn to Exciting Windows! Our network of design consultants offer top-of-the-line shutters that can be customized to suit your specific needs and preferences. Contact us today, and we’ll be happy to put you in touch with the consultant nearest you.