Secrets to Choosing the Best Cellular Shades

A living room with a white couch, teal chair, and teal drapesHave you decided to have cellular shades installed in your home? If so, congratulations! However, your decision-making doesn’t end here. There are numerous types, materials, and styles of cellular shades to choose from. If you’re overwhelmed by your options, here are some of the industry’s best-kept secrets to choosing the best cellular shades for your home.

Consider Your Energy Efficiency Preferences

Whether you live in a climate that experiences extreme heat or cold, or you have windows that simply aren’t as insulated as they need to be, energy-efficient cellular shades are a smart choice. However, you may be surprised to find that there are both single and double cellular shades to choose from. Many homeowners find that single cellular shades offer a more attractive option for their home, while double cellular shades offer better energy efficiency overall. While both are attractive and energy efficient, you’ll want to consider your top priorities to choose between these options.

Consider Your Functional Preferences

While most homeowners are familiar with horizontal cellular shades that pull down to close, there are also vertical cellular shades that can slide side to side to open and close. For larger windows or sliding patio doors, vertical cellular shades may be a preferred option. However, their unique style may not work for every window in your home if you’re looking for a more cohesive design for all of your window treatments.

Consider Your Aesthetic Preferences

Next, you’ll want to consider your aesthetic preferences for your cellular shades. Whether you’re looking for complete blackout shades, light filtering options, or a very sheer design, you can find a set of cellular shades that’s right for your unique needs. Additionally, you’ll have plenty of colors to choose from to either blend in with your interior design or complement it with more eye-catching colors.

If you’d like professional assistance choosing the best cellular shades for your home, your best option is to turn to your local Exciting Windows! Contact us today for assistance finding the Exciting Windows! location nearest you.