Stay Warm + Save on Energy Costs with Beautiful Insulating Custom Window Fashions!

Energy saving window treatments are one of the least expensive ways you can save on home heating and cooling bills.  So why not make them more beautiful AND save energy dollars all at once!  The US Dept. of Energy says about 30% of a home’s heating energy is lost through windows, so together we can make your windows work harder for YOUR home by updating your window fashions with high R-rated materials and innovations!  There are so many gorgeous options I can show you, and since I’m an expert in ALL window fashion, we won’t be limited to just one type or brand


I believe efficient window treatments should still be extraordinarily beautiful like any other custom window décor, and today there’s simply no reason to avoid window décor that saves energy dollars like in the past.  Yes, those highly thermal quilted blinds and shades worked wonders keeping heating and cooling in, but technological advances in other areas have made them all but obsolete.

It can be as simple as using the layering of higher thermal quality fabrics custom-fitted to any window so well that the layers effectively hold cold air out as a barrier between your room and the window glass. Closed-weave fabrics perform better than open-weave, and adding a high-quality drapery lining adds another thermal property dimension for even better efficiency.

But it’s not just draperies that can help save. There are some amazingly gorgeous new types of cellular, pleated, roman and other types of shades and blinds that are now also made with high R-rated materials.  And when they’re tailored to fit precisely as all our custom work is, they provide a great level of insulation at any window.  They no longer need be the nearly opaque or slightly translucent ones as in the past… some are even sheer with vanes that close provide privacy and better light control.

We’d love to show you how lovely, practical and affordable owning Energy Saving custom window fashions can be, in the rooms where they’ll be seen and enjoyed. CLICK HERE to learn more about all we can accomplish with amazing, custom-tailored window treatments that work for YOU and your home on YOUR budget! Call us for your free at-home consultation, and we’ll get started making your rooms more comfortable and beautiful!