Sun-Blocking Window Shades for Shadowless Groundhog Day

Don’t let six more weeks of winter get you down!

Roman Shade Valances W/ Golden DraperiesLet your home remain shadow-free this year with layered, sun-blocking window treatments groundhogs only wish they could have.

Tired of rising with the sun or struggling to see the Weather Channel through the sunshine glare on your TV? Gaps of light seeping through your blinds ruining your afternoon nap?

Layered window treatments allow you to easily customize and control light flow into your home to best suit your sunny lifestyle. Learn more about the options you have for sun-blocking window shades in your home.

Window Film

Protect your family and your furniture from sun damage, reduce glare and control heat without blocking any light. Window film is a clear or slightly tinted thin coating for your windows that helps to reduce harmful UV rays coming into your home.

Window film is perfect for bay windows, sliding glass doors, or as a compliment to other drapes or shades to further customize light control.

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Woven Wood Shades

Allow a warm, natural light to filter through wood fibers with woven wood shades. Rather than a harsh glare or bright sunlight pouring in, these window treatments soften light flow into the room with gentle filtration.Woven wood Roman shades

Woven wood shades add a natural element to any space for a more rustic look, or compliment a contemporary interior design by adding texture and interest. They can be folded up or down to control the amount of light and give you and your family more privacy.

Light-Filtering Shades

Light-filtering shades are the perfect custom window treatment option for rooms where you desire a bit more privacy, without sacrificing the airy feeling natural light provides.

Traditions 2 1/2" Shutter Style Composite Blinds

The thinnest of the light-blocking spectrum of shades, these allow for gentle light to filter through sheer blinds or panels. These shades beautifully compliment drapes to further customize light flow into your home.

Blackout Shades

Blackout roller shades and side panels provide total darkness for movie watching or a good night’s sleep by blocking out all outside light. These shades are commonly installed in bedrooms for in-home entertainment or movie theater rooms where total darkness is necessary or preferred.

Blackout Honeycomb Shades

To avoid gaps of light peeking around the edges of the shades, drapery panels and top treatments can be used in conjunction with blackout roller shades.

Big Savings for Sun-Blocking Window Shades

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No need to hide in a hole for six more weeks of winter! Customize your home’s light and reduce glare with the window treatments and accessories that best suit your needs. Our window treatment experts will guide you through the selection process so you, too, can remain shadow free this winter.

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