Tips for Choosing the Best Kitchen Window Treatments

Tasteful kitchen with brown-and-white color scheme and demi-shutters over the kitchen sinkAre you ready to outfit your kitchen windows with new blinds, shades, shutters, or curtains? You’ll want to give a lot of thought to choosing the best window treatments for this all-important room where you and your family undoubtedly spend a lot of time. Here are two questions that interior design professionals ask their clients to help them brainstorm ideas for the best kitchen window treatments.

How do you spend your time in the kitchen?

Are you a gourmet chef who creates a lot of heat and steam as you whip up delectable concoctions? Even if you lean more toward microwave cooking, there’s a good chance that your kitchen is one of the warmest and most humid areas of your home. It’s important to consider how heavy moisture exposure will affect the window treatments you choose. Washable café curtains, faux wood shutters or blinds, or easy-to-clean shades or sheers might be the best options for your kitchen windows. This is especially true for any windows that are close to your stove or kitchen sink, where grease splatters or dirty dishwater could stain your window coverings.

What type of ambiance would you prefer?

If your kitchen has an ultra-modern look, with stainless-steel appliances and minimalist European-style cabinets, you might opt for roller shades, which will give your windows a clean, streamlined appearance. But what if you have a farmhouse sink and rustic-style cabinets? Flirty sheers paired with a matching valance might be just what you’re looking for. You’ll also want to pay attention to the colors you select for your kitchen window coverings. Bright, pastel shades will create an airy atmosphere, while earthy colors will lend warmth and a feeling of coziness to your kitchen.

Some additional factors to consider include your priorities for energy efficiency, privacy, and convenience. Are you fed up with having to lean over the kitchen sink to raise and lower your blinds or shades? Consider investing in motorized window treatments that can be operated by a remote control device or your smartphone.

If you’d like to get professional guidance toward the best window treatments for your kitchen, Exciting Windows! is a terrific resource. We have a huge network of knowledgeable design consultants who can help you select the ideal window coverings for any room in your home. Contact us today to get started.