Top Ten Color Tips Part One

Springtime brings spring cleaning and often a desire to have a fresh look in a room or two. I recently came across this list of ten valuable color tips from The Voice of Color, the online color source from Porter and Pittsburgh Paints. I liked the list so much I thought it was worth re-posting, along with a comment or two. Here are one through five:

1. Warmth: White should only be intentional. If you go clean white make sure your decor wants a pure white. If you decor is warm, choose a creamy white to add warmth to the setting, Add softness with a tint of your favorite color. Pull a Voice of Color Whites card for beautiful options. In other words, don’t use white walls as a default color because you do not know what else to do. There are many variations of white that will make quite a difference in your room’s appearance, so be as intentional with white as any wall color.

Trim: To minimize unattractive trim, paint the trim the same color as the wall. To accentuate trim and moulding, paint it a lighter or darker color than the wall.

3. Hold: Don’t hold your color chips against a white wall. Hold your chips next to your furniture, window treatments, and cabinets to see how the color wall react next to your paint colors. Test in the light throughout the day. Every room needs an inspiration piece-a fabric, a rug, or even artwork that provides the jumping off point for the color palate. Gauge your color for the walls from the furnishings, not the reverse!

4. Big: Powder Rooms are the perfect place for big color. Experiment with a big red, black, dark grey, of sharp pink for your powder room to make statement and have fun. I could not agree more!

5. Shelf: Paint the back of shelves and bookcases with color the creates interest and design. Consider painting the backs of your bookcases and built ins the same color as your walls or a shade darker. Just this small touch of color will bring positive energy to this feature of your room.

If you find this color information helpful, I am so glad, However, if this makes your head swim, remember that investing in a color consultation may be the best money your spend on your decorating project. Imagine the relief your will feel and the confidence you will have if you get professional guidance in selecting colors. A good consultation will take into account many of the concepts mentioned above, as well as more personal exploration of color so that the rooms really reflect the vision that your have.

Worth mentioning-CCS from Exciting Windows! provide complementary color consultations for our clients with the purchase of new custom window treatments. After we select just the right window treatment design and fabric for your room, they will guide you through the process of finding the perfect wall color to bring it all together. Easy, personal, and very convenient. They will leave you with professional size paint samples as shown in the picture above tip #3. No more multiple trips to the paint store!

Tips 6-10 to follow in another post. Stay tuned!

Photo Credits: Lonny Magazine, Elle Decor, and TradHome Magazine