TRENDING: Natural Fibers and Organic Materials Make Softness Beautifully Functional!

One of the hottest trends in soft and so-called “hard” window fashions takes its cues from nature itself, bringing warmth, texture and beauty to your windows.  Who doesn’t already love the look of pure linen, organic cotton or a blend, or even fibers culled from amazing and unexpected sources like a tropical forest or wind-swept field? All make fabulous draperies, shades and blinds… even shutters and vane blinds can be made with all-natural and/or sustainable materials.  Whether natural color, dyed, or printed… whether crisply smooth or nubby textured, these sustainable wonder-materials add visual depth and interest to every room in every installation, adding a distinctive custom-tailored statement in any style of décor.

Sustainable, natural materials generally come from three basic sources, and share quite common properties while adding inherent elegance at your windows.  Even all-sustainable natural wool, alpaca and cashmere, organic silk, flax and hemp, and wood or bamboo fiber can be used alone or in layers, as in natural fiber draperies with more natural shades or blinds beneath, in essence bringing some of the great outdoors into the room!

With these unique and eco-conscious materials and others, your windows will be warmer in winter and cooler in summer, and will allow as much light and privacy as you specify.  Perhaps best of all, you’ll be the envy of your friends when they discover how clever – and tasteful – your NATURAL custom window treatments are… a great reflection on YOU!

I’d love to show you some of the splendid possibilities and ideas we can put together at your windows, right in your own home, in the light and with the colors in which your rooms will be seen.  Just call or email us HERE>> and we’ll get started!