Venetian Blinds: A Time-Tested Classic with Modern Appeal

There are dozens of ways to cover your windows and provide your home with greater privacy. However, none of them are as timeless and classic as Venetian blinds. They may sound fancy, but you likely have these blinds in your home and do not even realize it.

As a classic design, these window treatments have given homeowners privacy and a unique style for decades. If you’re ready to learn more about Venetian blinds, the experts here at Exciting Windows are prepared to play the role of professor.

Venetian Blinds: A Primer

For those who don’t know, a Venetian blind is a set of window coverings with 2” horizontal slats that can be opened for more sunlight or closed for maximum privacy. Still, these blinds can rotate, providing as much or as little sunlight as possible.

These blinds also come with a lift cord, allowing homeowners to open them fully for easy window cleaning. However, newer blind designs come cordless, meaning you can easily lift and lower the blinds from the bottom.

Venetian Blinds for the Modern Home

In modern design, clean lines and a classic appeal can combine into a breathtaking interior. That’s why Venetian blinds are such an excellent choice for your home. With various materials and colors available, you can easily find Venetian blinds that perfectly match your decor scheme.

Of course, light control is another benefit to this blind type. With adjustable slats, you can easily regulate the sunlight entering your home. Get ready to create the perfect atmosphere for your home.

But perhaps the most significant unsung benefit of these blinds is ease of maintenance. Unlike curtains or drapes that require frequent washing or dry cleaning, Venetian blinds can be wiped down or vacuumed.

Enhance Your Home with Exciting Windows!

New Venetian blinds can unlock any room’s potential. Exciting Windows has an unbeaten selection of blinds designed for any window variety. Let us help you with your window blinds needs. Contact us to learn more!