“Weather” it’s hot of cold

Fall is here… and it’s the perfect time to revamp your window coverings.

by Exciting Windows! | November 15, 2016

Did you hear that knock? Old Man Winter is officially at the door and while there’s still some time left to enjoy the sights and sounds of autumn, the chill in the air is here to stay. Depending on where you live, bracing for the winter season is an annual reality every homeowner and/or renter alike has to prepare for. Worst of all, increased heating costs — just like increased cooling costs in the summer — aren’t exactly your pocketbook’s best friend. But while those who live south don’t typically experience quite the winter wrath their northern counterpart do, traversing the regular, and stark changes to external conditions is a challenge — no matter the season.

But there is some good news! “Weather it’s hot or cold outside,” choosing the right window treatment can provide considerable and tangible help to your heating AND cooling needs.
In fact several different kinds of coverings can provide oscillating options to fit every season.

Hot, Cold and Everything In-between

While we urge you to book one of our experienced and certified consultants for a free home consult to review the considerable options at your disposal, there are a few treatments to know about off the bat. Cellular shades, for example, are amongst the very-most energy efficient choices available. They add an extra insulation layer to keep rooms warmer when the snow hits — think of adding an extra comforter to you bedding when it’s chilly. The honeycomb design creates an air pocket that prevents external temperature from slipping inside. Cellular shades also help keep internal conditions cool, so they’re a win-win that can help you endure conditions 365 days a year.


Cellular shades help insulate this living room with elegance and style.

Traditional Appeal

If you prefer more rustic aesthetics, wood and faux wood blinds can be a perfect option to provide classic appeal with additional insulation. The slats can be manipulated (opened or closed) to keep your room temperatures comfortable — commensurate with the season at hand. Or tilt them open to provide the perfect amount of light for additional heat.



Traditional blinds add classic appeal to this living room, a fitting backdrop to the room’s furnishings.

Don’t underestimate the Classics

Shutters, like blinds, allow you to manipulate your environment. They can even be added and combined with drapery to not only create unique designs, but also provide additional insulation to your room(s). They’re just as useful in the summer, when you can keep them closed to provide shade or open slightly to let cool breeze while blocking harmful UV rays.

Adding fabric to your treatment can give you that subtle, soft appeal that concurrently soaks up the sunshine, great in the winter for keeping a room cozy and comfortable while helping to mitigate natural heat loss and helping out with that heating bill.


Shutters provide privacy and light control with warmth and natural beauty.

Different Roles For Different Conditions

Treating your windows isn’t a one-step-fits-all process. Each choice can provide different effects to not only boost a room’s visual appeal and feel, but to play a part in climate/temperature control. Adding additional light to a room, eliminating glare or increasing privacy is but an extremely small sample of the advantages the right coverings provide.


Combining draperies with under-treatments maximizes light control,
privacy and insulation benefits while complementing a room’s decor.

Let Us Help!

As always, our 4-way guarantee, 21 points of peerless customer service standards and general, customer-first philosophy makes the process of finding the best treatments for your unique lifestyle as easy as one, two, three — guaranteed!

Before the snow is in full swing and heating bills start to inch higher, don’t hesitate to contact Exciting Windows to schedule a free home consultation. We’re proud to bring hundreds of styles, options and fabrics to YOU to fit your budget so you can focus on your own, busy calendar.


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