What Kind of Curtains Are Farmhouse Style?

Brick accent walls, oak kitchen cabinets, reclaimed wood valances with lace curtains—these are all examples of the farmhouse design style. Increasingly, homeowners are leaning toward farmhouse décor because it’s homey and makes a space feel lived in. It’s also an easy and affordable style with which to dress your windows.

While the influence of country-style home decorating isn’t new, modern farmhouse style is less literal and more inspired by the idea of “farm life.” Today’s farmhouse style window treatments combine relaxed elegance with elements from the past. Not surprisingly soft sheers and rustic burlap are prominent in farmhouse design. The colors used in farmhouse window treatments like these are primarily white, cream, and beige, with gray and plaid accents or accents in bright, bold hues.

Today’s farmhouse curtains emphasize warmth and simplicity to create an unpretentious yet dignified style. Farmhouse curtains will catch the eye, undoubtedly, but they generally complement other carefully chosen interior design elements. Fortunately, farmhouse is a versatile style that mixes well with other styles, like industrial or traditional, giving you room to play with the amount of country inspiration you want in your space.

Treat Your Windows to These Farmhouse Curtains

Burlap has long been a popular fabric for farmhouse curtains because of its rustic charm and texture, which offer a pleasing contrast with smooth window sills and glass. Another popular choice is the French printed curtain that adds a sophisticated touch to the farmhouse style. Other examples of farmhouse style curtains include:

  • Graceful white sheers hung high
  • Understated beige curtains in a sunny room
  • Classy patterned curtains in a dining room
  • Dove gray café curtains in a breakfast nook

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