What Are the Best Blackout Blinds?

You have a supremely comfortable bed and an ultra-quiet room, but if there’s light peeking through the window, you just can’t sleep. Does this sound like you? Many people who endure similar sleep troubles due to light infiltration have relied on blackout blinds as a solution. By blocking most of the light that enters a room, blackout blinds help create the ideal environment for uninterrupted sleep. Mothers of small children who take daily naps and nightshift workers who must sleep during the day find them especially helpful. Compared to blackout shades and curtains, blackout blinds give you better control of how much light enters the room. For a little bit of light, simply tilt the louvers accordingly; for light that floods the room, just raise the blinds completely.

The question is this: Which blackout blinds should you buy? As with any window treatment, stay away from lower-end products. While they may block enough light for you to enjoy reasonable amounts of daytime sleep, they typically don’t last very long. You would be better served by sticking to products from well-known manufacturers. If you need recommendations, don’t hesitate to seek professional advice from a local window treatment dealer. That way you’ll be able to assess the quality of the recommended blinds, including their room-darkening features, and see how the blinds operate.

Three Top Products

Exciting Windows! offers blackout window coverings from the industry’s most respected manufacturers. Our lineup of well-crafted blackout blinds from Hunter Douglas includes:

  • Parkland® wood blinds
  • Everwood® alternative wood blinds
  • Modern Precious Metals® aluminum blinds

These blinds come with the de-Light™ feature that eliminates cord holes and reduces light leaks, blocking 50% more light than traditional blinds.

Contact Exciting Windows! for more details about our blackout blinds. We will be happy to put you in touch with an expert consultant in your area.