What Are the Best Window Shades?

When shopping for window shades, do yourself and your home a favor by avoiding bargain-basement options. Like any worthwhile home improvement product, window shades can be costly, but going cheap may mean having to live with badly designed and poorly fitting window coverings that do nothing to elevate your home’s appearance.

Your budget will no doubt be a primary factor in deciding which type of shade to choose, but you should give equal consideration to form and function. Essentially then, the best windows shades will be the ones that match your design aesthetic and offer the level of light control and privacy you seek.

First, consider how much light you want your shades to let in. Light-filtering shades can cut the sun’s harsh glare while still allowing in plenty of light. These are great options for kitchens and living rooms, but for bedrooms, you may want blackout shades, which block more than 95% of the natural light that ordinarily enters a room.

In evaluating which shades are right for you, think also about the type of shades you prefer. There are many types on the market, including:

  • Roller shades, which operate with a pulley-type system that rolls the shade up and down with a tug of the cord
  • Tie-up shades, which can be manually raised and then tied open using the attached ribbons or ties
  • Balloon shades, which are typically made from sheer or silky fabrics for a formal and old-fashioned appearance
  • Roman shades, which hang flat when closed and can be pulled up into deep horizontal pleats when lifted with a cord

Where to Buy Custom Window Shades

If you want durable light-filtering or blackout window shades that will resist fading and maintain their beauty for years, turn to Exciting Windows! We offer shades that are custom-fabricated to your exact specifications, and if your window shades fail to perform as intended within 10 years of the installation date, we will repair or replace them. Contact us today, and we’ll put you in touch with one of our knowledgeable design consultants.