What Is the Trend for Window Coverings?

Combination spacious living room with fireplace and furnishings and dining area with table and chairs, all with large windows covered with turquoise-colored shades in various positionsTechnological advances and health concerns related to the coronavirus pandemic have ushered in a new era of work-from-home arrangements, and that’s fueling trends in window covering preferences. Now more than ever, home is where the heart is—for work, play, sleep, and meals. As a result, many homeowners are evaluating their window treatment needs room by room, with an eye toward creating the perfect space for conducting business, in-home schooling, video streaming, and other specific activities. Here are a few of the ways this trend is playing out:

Finding the Best Window Coverings for Zoom Meetings

If you’re like many professionals, you’ve suddenly found yourself in virtual meetings with colleagues and clients, and your home workspace is your backdrop. Naturally, you want to create a good impression with an attractive background and light that’s flattering. The perfect solution may be wooden shutters. Few window treatments provide the earthy-yet-sophisticated effect of shutters with the louvers closed, and you can also adjust the louvers to let natural light in when appropriate. Another great option is tandem shades, which deliver multiple options for light control. With this window covering, you can adjust your shades to gently filter natural light, or you can completely block it out when artificial light creates a better video appearance.

Selecting the Best Window Treatments for Sound Absorption

Thanks to streaming and video recording options, homeowners can play video games and watch their favorite movies and TV shows just about any time of day. If you’d like to make the most of the audio-visual experience, consider covering your windows with cellular shades. Their unique design can prevent up to 70% of outside noise from penetrating your indoor entertainment room while also offering excellent light control.

Continuing an Upward Trend: Automated Blinds & Shades

Today’s homeowners use remote control devices and smartphones to operate their garage doors, adjust their TVs and refrigerators, and even unlock the front door for a pizza delivery. Why should window treatments be any different? As people spend more time in their homes, the trend toward automated window treatments is likely to continue.

No matter how you’d like to use window coverings to enhance your home, it’s best to turn to custom window treatment professionals to get the exact results you want for any given room. Exciting Windows! has an extensive network of design consultants who will use their expertise to help you select the ideal blinds, shades, or shutters to meet your needs. Contact us today to learn more.