What Can I Put on My Windows Instead of Curtains?

Stylish white interior shutters over an oversized bathtub in a luxury bathroomFabric curtains or drapes have long been the most popular window treatment for homeowners, and there’s a lot to be said for choosing drapery. After all, few other window coverings offer the same degree of versatility when it comes to color, pattern, fabric type and thickness, and accessory options. These virtues give homeowners plenty of opportunity to exercise their creative flair when it comes to home décor.

However, there can be a number of reasons why you’d like to put another type of covering on your windows instead of curtains, and the alternatives are practically limitless. Here are two reasons why you might prefer to dress your windows without the use of draperies:

Bay Windows

There are many variations in the configuration of bay windows, and for some of them, curtains or drapes might provide the perfect look. However, the angles created in this visually intriguing three-window configuration often present challenges for hanging drapes. Moreover, you may grow weary of opening and closing drapes on three windows every day for privacy and light control. Some alternatives to consider include shades or blinds, which can be motorized and even automated so that raising and lowering them all at once is a snap.

A Yearning for Simplicity

Recent trends in home design indicate that many homeowners favor the sleek appearance of a single window treatment rather than the layered look of yesteryear. If this sounds like you, consider having custom interior shutters installed. Today’s shutters are available in many different colors and materials, including wood alternatives that can stand up to the humidity of kitchens and bathrooms. Shutters provide great light and privacy control as well as energy efficiency, and they’re the ultimate solo act among window treatments.

If you’d like to explore alternatives to curtains with an expert in home window design, consider reaching out to Exciting Windows! We have an extensive network of professional design consultants who can listen to your goals, take a look at your windows, and guide you toward the perfect custom window treatments to bring your vision to life. Contact us today to learn more about our services.