Where Should You Buy Extra-Long Drapes?

Long flowing drapes that sweep the wood floor, shown in off-white and tanHanging drapes of any length takes a certain amount of expertise if you want them to function properly and add style to your room. But selecting and hanging extra-long drapes requires true finesse. Measurements must be spot-on, and you’ll need a keen eye for exactly where to place the curtain rod above the window if you want your extra-long drapes to deliver a touch of elegance instead of creating a sloppy or off-kilter impression by hanging too low or two high.

For this reason, it’s best to partner with custom window treatment professionals when you want to buy extra-long drapes. Although you might be able to measure your windows and order extra-long drapes from an online retailer, you’re less likely to get exactly the look you want for your indoor décor when you take this approach.

Factors to Consider When Buying Extra-Long Drapes

When you have exceptionally tall windows or high ceilings, it’s easy to focus on the length of your draperies while overlooking the importance of the width. However, the width is equally vital. Long draperies that barely cover the width of the window will appear skimpy and potentially allow light to leak into the room around the fabric, which can cast unflattering shadows on the walls. Experts generally agree that the longer your drapes are, the more fullness (width) they should have.

Fabric selection also becomes more critical when you’re opting for extra-long drapes. Although thick, luxurious fabrics will help create a rich, sophisticated appearance, fabrics that are too thick will not pool well on the floor. Additionally, choosing a bold, colorful pattern for extra-long drapes may detract from the stately appearance you’re going for.

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