Window Coverings That Help Keep You Comfortable

Inside Your Home During the Cold Months

by Exciting Windows! | January 1, 2017

Window covering offers benefits to a home – not only aesthetically but in function. They help with countering external light, noise disturbance, energy efficiency, privacy, increase/decrease of internal flow of air and can provide insulation. All of which have a day-to-day effect for your comfort in your home – day or night. Here are some window covering
solutions to help keep you comfortable in your home this season.

Increase Your Privacy

The most important function of window coverings is that they provide privacy. You should take the time to choose the appropriate window treatments to achieve the amount of privacy that you desire – for any room in your house.

Options to consider for privacy….



Drapery is available in a vast array of material and colors and can enhance shades and blinds to increase privacy while adding to aesthetic appeal. Heavier drapes can block some or all of the light while a sheer variety can allow just the amount of light you desire.

Drapery and sheers combine to provide this dining room
with privacy and light control versatility.


Blinds have various uses within the home but there is one main reason to purchase blinds; for privacy. A wide variety of blinds are available; Horizontal or vertical blinds are a popular choice. The slats are able to be closed tightly or not completely closed and still provide you privacy while letting natural light in the room.

Wood blinds coordinate with this kitchen’s cabinetry
to give light and privacy control a touch of warmth and style.



The most versatile of all custom window treatments, window shades are decorative, functional and available in a huge variety of styles. Much like blinds, shades offer the same protection without the slats. Cellular, roller and roman shades are just a few options to choose. Versatile enough to look great in dining spaces, bedrooms, bathrooms, and any other room of your home, shades offer a simple yet elegant way to cover any window.



An under-treatment of dual cellular shades combines sheer and opaque fabrics
to maximize light control and privacy in this bedroom.

Drown That Sound

Barking dog, pesky motorcycle or neighbor’s lawnmower, external sound can be justas if not more distracting than unfavorable light conditions. While window coverings won’t completely block out all the disturbing sound, some treatments can help absorb
and lesson some of it, getting you closer to the quiet you desire. Cellular Shades hold air passing through the window, keeping some of the noise from entering your home – double celled versions will help even more. The fabric of roman shades naturally
absorb some sound and can be augmented by a blackout liner.

Maximize Energy Efficiency to Keep Warm

While many of us shudder at the thought of cold winter nights, the right window coverings can help you increase energy efficiency and control your home’s temperature. Shades for example, are the simplest and most effective way to save energy with window treatments. Adding dual layers of fabric can augment the impact – such as dark colors to absorb heat. Draperies yield the additional benefit of adding an extra thermal barrier and can substantially decrease draft and heat loss. Cellular Shades’ layered design traps air creating a
considerable barrier between a room and window.

Exciting Window’s certified staff can help you maximize the impact by providing and explaining the different material and color options at your disposal. Book a free in home appointment with one of our certified and experienced consultants to identify the best options for your unique needs. Like it or not, the cold is upon us, but not to worry because we’ll be ready with hundreds of styles, fabrics and colors to make sure you’re doing everything you can to stay warm and comfortable inside this winter season.

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