3 Great Window Treatment Ideas for Bathrooms

Luxury soaking tub in an arched alcove with a bay window configuration, each window covered by honeycomb shades, two of which are pulled down at the top to allow light in Selecting window treatments for your bathroom requires some extra thought that is less needed in other rooms of your home. Why? Because the sauna-like conditions created in a room built for steamy, hot baths and showers require window treatments that are crafted from materials that will stand up to day-in, day-out humidity—preferably without a lot of maintenance. A couple of additional considerations include the priority placed on privacy and the fact that bathroom windows are often in hard-to-reach places, such as above an oversized luxury tub.

These are all practical matters, and you may be thinking you’ll have to sacrifice the aesthetic ideas you have in mind so that you can get bathroom window treatments that last and provide the functionality required. But with the many custom window treatment innovations on the market, you’ll find plenty of options that deliver both the look and performance you’re after. Exciting Windows! has a huge network of window design consultants, one of whom would be delighted to help you select the perfect bathroom window treatments for your home. In the meantime, here are a few ideas to consider:

1.     Moisture-Resistant Fabric Shades

Window shades are available in a practically endless array of colors, styles, and fabrics, including materials that will resist mildew growth. If you’d like to soften the look of your bathroom, you might consider cascading Roman shades, which will add a touch of drama to your bathing area, especially if you like to relax in a warm bath by candlelight.

On the other hand, maybe you prefer to bathe in the warmth and light of the sun, but you’re concerned about privacy when your shades are raised. Consider bathroom shades that can open from the top as well as the bottom.

2.     Faux-Wood or Vinyl Blinds

Another great window treatment idea for your bathroom is blinds that are crafted to resemble wood but built to stand up to heat and humidity. You’ll find plenty of options on the market, and you can also get motorized blinds that will be easy to operate without having to lean over your tub or sink.

3.     Café Curtains & Shutters

Café curtains and half-shutters are two additional options for covering the lower portion of your bathroom window while allowing light to stream in through the top half. A variation on this idea is tier-on-tier shutters, which comprise two sets of operable shutters, one atop the other, so that you can open and close one set or both depending on your needs.

Would you like to explore these and many other terrific bathroom window treatment ideas with one of our experts? Contact Exciting Windows! today to get started.