Window Treatments in the Colors of Springtime

Are You Ready for Springtime Refreshment?

Transform your home with the beauty of the colors of Springtime. You will feel refreshed as the amazing benefits of light control, energy efficiency and privacy come together with elegant fabrics for sophisticated style. It’s a new season of style, featuring fabrics of splashy, bright colors and patterns to heighten the beauty of your home. It’s time for a change, and we would love to help. During the month of March, we are offering our Trade In & Trade Up event. Receive $10 per foot, up to $200, for your current window coverings toward new window treatments.

Fun, Flowing Fabrics!

colors of springtimeFlowing patterns and the whimsy of new florals will bring out your carefree side as you decorate your home with energy and positive vibes. When chosen well, florals and textures offer a striking appearance with designer style. Complementary patterns and colors provide your home with the polished, put-together look you’ve always wanted. Our fabrics will highlight your style with the perfect colors. Embellishments and decorative hardware add subtle design to heighten the level of your home’s unique style. Are you bored with your current decor? Freshen up with the colors of Springtime when you take advantage of our Trade In & Trade Up event this month.

Comfort & Cost Savings with Style!

colors of springtimeNo matter the season, or your home’s location, you deserve to be comfortable with a consistent temperature all year long. The energy efficiency of layered window treatments will provide insulation at your windows, whether you are trying to keep the warmth in, or the sun out. Control the energy savings with style as you choose fabrics to complement the elements of design in your home. Framing your window for heightened style and the flow of color, drapery panels can move for functional privacy and energy efficiency, or grace your room as a stationary design element.

Relax and Rejuvenate in Your Own Retreat!

colors of springtimeThe colors of Springtime will fill you with joy, as you relax in the privacy of your home. The level of privacy is your choice, as custom window treatments allow you the ease of adjustment, from completely open to entirely secluded. Privacy is more important in some rooms than others, and your custom window treatments will be the ideal solution for those needs – customized to fit your lifestyle. Add layers of sophistication as you pair the simplicity of a roman shade with other window treatments, in a new color or pattern. Experience refreshing form and function in your favorite colors of Springtime, and relax in your own personal sanctuary.

Control the Light!

colors of springtimeTake the atmosphere of your home to the next level as you enjoy the functional qualities of beautiful window treatments. Not only can fabrics and embellishments add the colors of Springtime for a dynamic look, but the light control you will experience will transform your mood. Each and every room in your home will benefit from levels of light control. With simple adjustments, you will be able to diffuse the glare, or completely block out the sun – helping you create the atmosphere you’ve always wanted. The best part? With that simple adjustment, you can change the environment based on your needs.


Bright, cheerful colors will fill your home, as Springtime refreshes your spirit and rejuvenates your soul. Are you ready? We want to help. During the month of March, take advantage of our Trade In & Trade Up event that offers you $10 per foot, up to $200, for your current window coverings. Contact us for a free, in-home consultation.