What Trends Are Shaping Up for Home Window Treatments in 2023?

Deep blue drapes that transition to midnight blue, paired with gray silhouette blinds against tan walls in a seating area with off-white, matching blue, and earth colors - window treatment trends for 2023.After years of interior home décor that emphasizes neutral colors and clean lines, 2023 is the year that color comes roaring back to life. Some of the top colors that are trending in homes across America include warm blush and cinnamon, deep shades of blue and green, and—perhaps surprisingly—black. Choosing the right window treatments is one of the easiest ways to inject these rich colors into the interior décor of any room in your home. Here are a few window treatment trends to consider welcoming into your home in 2023:

Tap Into Pelmet Power

Pelmets combine the best features of valances and cornice boards. A pelmet is a box-like cover that’s usually crafted from wood and mounted above a window frame to conceal curtain rods and other hardware. It does the same job as a hardwood cornice or soft fabric valance. But, unlike cornices, pelmets traditionally don’t sport any decorative molding that you wouldn’t want to hide. This makes them perfect for wrapping in fabric with colors or patterns that add zing to your interior décor.

Double the Oomph With Custom Drapes and Shades

Created from fabric, draperies and shades are available in a practically endless selection of colors, patterns, and thicknesses, which means this trendy duo can easily deliver the knockout aesthetic you want for your windows. To get exactly the look and performance you envision, you’ll want to partner with an experienced window treatment professional. Exciting Windows! will be happy to connect you with a design consultant near you.

Mix It Up With Motorization

Convenience and energy efficiency are the best-known benefits of choosing motorized, automated window treatments that can be synced to your smart devices. But you can also use motorized shades to vary your window décor with the touch of your fingertips! Simply choose dual roller shades and pair a dark color with a lighter one, or even hang a bright patterned shade in front of a solid one in a coordinating color. This way, you can easily raise and lower your shades to give a room a totally different look while also getting the exact amount of light and privacy control you need in any given moment.

If you’d like to consult with a window treatment professional about ways to incorporate the latest window treatment trends into your home, contact Exciting Windows! today. We’ll put you in touch with one of the highly qualified design consultants in our extensive network.