Setting the Mood With Window Treatments

On Valentine’s Day, set the mood and fall in love with your home through the use of color in your window treatments.

Roller ShadesThe perfect window treatments do more than just control outside light and privacy; they transform the mood and feeling of each room through color, style, and light control.

Color is a powerful factor in creating the ambiance in your home. This can shift from room to room through use of color in decorating details both big and small.

Incorporate your window treatments into the mood setting through their color and style.

Refer to our color guide below to style your home according to the feelings you want to create from room to room with custom window treatments.

Blue for Serenity

Shades of blue are known for possessing calming properties and creating a cool, reflective space.

GCS0803_RN120511CABlue environments are even said to lower blood pressure and stress levels.

Using blue in a home office encourages more relaxation and less anxiety in your home office, or promotes rest for a good night’s sleep in your bedroom.

Try roller shades in a deep blue or drapes in a lighter sky shade to ground your room in calm and serenity.


horizons reading room resizeRed for Passion

Red is seen as a power color and should be used wisely in the home.

While too much red can insight anger or make a room seem smaller because of its immediacy, but a more muted shade can spark passion, romance, and warmth in the room.


Energy efficient drapes in a deep, earthy red bring romance and love into the bedroom while red shutters can bring zest and energy into an otherwise colorless living room.

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White for Clarity

graber resize no watermarkIf you’re looking for a clean slate or new, fresh energy in your home, decorating with classic shades of white is the way to go.

White opens up the room for a lighter, airier feel.

Classic white shutters, thick creamy drapes, or crisp white blinds function beautifully in any room you hope to bring a fresh feel and lightness to.


Natural Browns for Welcoming Warmth

Brown, while considered a neutral shade, can evoke a variety of different moods depending on the blend of tones that create it. For a warm and inviting house, select shades of chocolate brown with underlying hues of red and orange.

Setting the Mood with Brown Window Treatments

For a cooler shade to compliment more of a relaxing space, try earthy browns created with green and blue undertones.

Natural wood shutters, woven wood shades, or rich chocolate honeycomb shades can be used in your living room and family room to welcome guests and bring a warm, cozy feeling to spaces made for gathering and relaxing.


 Don’t Leave the Candles Too Close To the Window Treatments

It’s time to fall in love with your home from the inside out and set the mood right this Valentine’s Day with the perfect window treatments for your desired ambiance. Start with a color, a room, or a mood, and let an Exciting Windows! expert assist you in finding your perfect match.



We Can Help You Set the Mood With Window Treatments

With so many different color options, it can be difficult to decide. That’s where we come in! Find an Exciting Windows Member in your area.

We work around your style and home decor to select colors that fit with your lifestyle.

Let an Exciting Windows! expert help select the ideal color shades for your home.