What Is in Style for Window Treatments?

Lovely woven wood shade cascading down over a window next to a wingback chair with a novelty table beside itHome window treatments have undergone big changes in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. Thanks to quarantining and social distancing, home is no longer just where the heart is—it’s the hub for almost all activities. If you’re like many homeowners, your home became your workplace, classroom, gym, and movie theater, seemingly overnight. And suddenly, you realized that your window coverings weren’t doing all the things you needed them to, such as block solar heat and glare and shield you from the neighbors’ prying eyes.

Fortunately, the custom window treatment industry has kept pace with the times. Whether you prioritize aesthetic appeal, energy efficiency, light control, or ease of operation and maintenance, you’ll be able to find blinds, shades, or interior shutters to fill the bill. As you start your research, consider these two trends noted by custom window treatment professionals:

The Soothing Side of Mother Nature

Biophilic interior design—which focuses on the human desire to commune with nature—has truly taken off in recent years. Window coverings crafted from organic materials display unrivaled beauty even as they promote a feeling of calm that can reduce stress and help people be more creative and productive. If this trend appeals to you, you’ll have no trouble finding gorgeous wooden blinds and handwoven shades made from bamboo, jute, or grasses that can give your interior décor the down-to-earth touch you’re looking for.

Automated Blinds & Shades

Smart refrigerators and televisions aren’t the only staples of home life to benefit from technological advancements. Homeowners who choose motorized blinds and shades are now going a step further and programming their window treatments to open and close on the sun’s timetable, thus automatically controlling privacy and the amount of heat and light that makes its way indoors. It’s also possible to sync your automated blinds or shades to your smartphone, so you can operate them remotely even when you’re not at home.

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