Mid-Century Modern: A Bold New Look with Color Blocking

Springtime is here, and summer is not far behind. The dawn of new life, a refreshing glimpse into the introduction of what is to come: Colors, bold and bright, have entered this season, rushing in for an impressive style statement. Interior design always follows in the footsteps of high fashion and media trends. While the runways are crowded with models wearing what could only be described as Mark Rothko inspired artwork, much of the country is tuning in to the contrasts and color blocking of Mad Men’s last season. A style to be reckoned with, the bold look of awe-inspiring color combinations is intense and edgy. This powerful look is flawlessly paired with the softness and flow of draperies, intended to offset the unyielding structure of clean lines and defined shapes. The dramatic ripple folds, vivid design characteristics and pinched pleats will add elements of sophisticated charm – exactly what is needed to achieve the mid-century look.

Exciting-Windows-Color-Blocking-101Color Blocking 101. The idea of color blocking comes from the color wheel, where the primary colors of red, blue and yellow stand out as the principal roots of all color – when thinking of a clock, these three would be positioned as the 12, 4 and 8. All of the blending colors are appropriately placed in between. Be bold, yet decisive in your decorating. The colors must be intentional. Choosing three colors is the ideal approach to color blocking, five is too many, and two may leave you wanting more. And while one may think of bold and bright, color blocking is not limited. Let’s take this opportunity to explore the endless possibilities of this style trend.

Exciting-WIndows-Complementary-ColorsComplementary. To get this amazing look, choose opposing colors on the wheel, allowing one to be dominant as the others act as accents. The beauty of this living space is highlighted with jewel tone draperies standing out against the bright white walls, supported by the fuchsia floral piece and metal accents. Pictured below, the soft blue shows up as a splash of color as the bold look of orange takes the stage. It is the high contrast that strikes a chord.

The dramatic folds of drapery draw a distinction with the sleek, structured lines brought about with mid-century modern style. Consider highlighting the chic style of your space by choosing draperies with patterned fabric to bring together this color puzzle.

Exciting-Windows-Monochromatic-ColorsMonochromatic. For a look that is stylish, with understated charm, use the same color family, in varying hues. The effect is elegant subtlety.

Choosing colors of cooler tones, while adding splashes of intensity, will draw the eye, allowing those accents to ‘pop’. Drapery fabric that fits the monochromatic look encourages a sense of flowing softness that cannot be achieved with any other element. Addition of colors, patterns, top treatments or banding would invite a bolder style statement.

Analogous. Use colors that blend easily, those found in neighboring position on the color wheel, to achieve this look. Commonly done with the use of three colors, two in the same color family, one adjacent, this welcomes flowing harmony to your space. Embellishments and top treatments can enhance the space by adding dimension and unique characteristics.

In the end, you need to do what is pleasing to your own eye; you may decide to forgo the rules and enjoy the fun of this modern décor. Remember that it is a work in progress, and you may have to bring in, or also remove, elements to achieve exactly the look you want. Draperies can add gentle, flowing movement to a space of structure and strict design. Floor to ceiling draperies give the impression of dramatic softness, the allure of a waterfall.

Exciting-Windows-Analogous-ColorsDraperies can finish the room by completing a color scheme to bring the whole space together, especially one of narrow shape. Gathered draperies offer a style distinction, set against the bright light as it streams into the room, although perfectly capable of closing off that light. This can be the perfect opportunity to layer with a low profile window treatment for those who want their drapes in the open position exclusively.

Be bold. It’s time to have some fun decorating your home. While the country swoons for a retro revolution, we want to help you choose draperies and decorative pieces that not only achieve a desired look, but add elements of modern flair. Let’s step back in time for the future of décor. Right now, we are offering a $50 color accent upgrade and $50 towards banding, trim or fringe for your drapery or top treatment. Let us help your discover how to achieve this brilliant look. While you’re at it, dream big. Exciting Windows is offering a $5,000 Makeover of Your Dreams.

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