Automation: Wireless control for your busy lifestyle.

Our last newsletter stirred up a lot of emotion. Automation of window treatments is a fairly new technological advancement. We are thrilled to hear that so many of our clients, who followed our advice and installed automation already, love the ease and convenience that wireless motorization has brought to their lives. We are just as excited that many of you are interested in finding out more about this amazing feature. We thought we would share some of your questions for our clients, like yourselves, who love the idea, but want the basic facts that accompany this lifestyle shift.


How does automation set-up work? Is your installer also an electrician?

Great question! The set-up is simple. There is no electrical work needed. There is a battery connected within the shade’s headrail. Our installers initiate the frequency, program the remote and you are ready to begin. In the event you would like to use an existing outlet, instead of batteries, a plug-in adaptor can be used.

Will I have to change the batteries frequently?

No. Changing the batteries is not common. With the automation being used an average of twice daily, the batteries should last 1-2 years with most brands of shades. Lutron brand Serena shades, roller and honeycomb, have the best battery life of all the brands, averaging 3-5 years. Check with your shade professional about Lutron availability.

What if I just want to open one shade, instead of all of them?

You can! You are in control. The remote system allows you to decide which window treatments you want to raise or lower. That can change any time and every time you operate them.

I have draperies over my shades in my living room. Is it possible to have automation?

Yes. With automation, the shades will raise and lower in a streamlined, consistent movement, leaving your draperies to look perfectly set. We know that, at times, manually adjusting your shades, when they are accented with draperies, valances and/or cornices, can be time-consuming and frustrating. Automation can help you experience control of your shades without any effort.

With an over-sized window in my foyer, I have always wanted window treatments, but I cannot access it. Is it too big for motorization?

Automation is perfect for hard-to-reach windows. It is a very affordable option for over-sized windows. Cellular shades can cover areas up to 8 feet high, by 8 feet wide. Roller shades are available for even longer length.

Is motorization safe around children?

Absolutely! It is actually a tremendous safety feature for children and pets to have cordless window treatments. There is no electricity because they are battery operated. The remote can be kept on a wall plate, away from tiny hands. The effortless operation of that up and down motion might actually entertain the little tykes long enough for mom to brush her teeth, all by herself.

You invest a lot of money into your beautiful window treatments. With automation, the graceful operation will keep them fresh for years to come. With ease of function and minimal maintenance over the years, why not make the switch now that could change your life? Contact our professionals to hear more about this tremendous advancement available for your home.