Plan Ahead: Custom Window Treatment Installation Times

Now that the kids are back at school and holidays are just around the corner, you’ve found yourself with a nice little window for home improvement.

Use these tips from our members and learn the custom window treatment installation times to make sure your home is at its most beautiful for the holiday season.

In this article, we want to help you get a better of idea of the timelines for ordering as well as an understanding of the things you can control and can’t control throughout the process. (Note: shipment times are from when the orders were placed until arrival)

Window Treatment Installation – Times You Can Control

rods-finialsThe more prepared you are, the faster your window treatments will be up in your home!

Knowing what you want going into the consultation will help improve the custom window treatment timeline. You can get inspiration from our designers’ past projects to help figure out your design requests.

Consider which material and accessories would best fit your existing décor as well as the functionality that will fit your requirements.

Knowing if you want specialized products like energy efficient drapes, innovative window coverings for doors, or custom accents will help us plan ahead to meet your custom window treatment installation timeline.

Whatever your style and window needs, the more prepared you are for the consultation, the faster your window treatments will be ordered, and the quicker they will be installed!

Don’t sacrifice your personal style by waiting until the last minute. Plan ahead and get started today by scheduling a FREE design consultation with an expert in your area.

Now that the kids are back at school and holidays are just around the corner, you’ve found yourself with a nice little window for home improvement.

Shipping Times By Product

timer_iconBe prepared for the holidays by honoring these expected timelines and planning ahead for the unexpected.

Shipment times are defined from when the ordered was placed to when the order arrives. There is an extra day or so to allow for installation. These times are subject to change and are our best estimates from past orders.

  • Blinds and Shades: 2-4 weeks
    Our shortest timeline! You looked at our member’s projects, had your consultation, placed an order and will most likely see them installed by the end in the month. Doesn’t get much better than that!
  • Custom Soft Treatments: 4-6 weeks
    You looked through our past projects and decided you wanted to design window treatments completely unique to your style. Well guess what? We can have your one-of-a-kind draperies or top treatments crafted in around a month! Not too bad for a full custom job you can proudly say you designed.
  • Shutters: 4-10 weeks
    Our high quality shutters take a bit more time, but you will love the final product! Smooth, sleek, and crisply stained wood shutters custom cut and sized perfectly for your home. They are well worth the wait!

Window Treatment Installation – Times You Can’t Control

accessoriesSo you’ve met with an expert for your consultation and selected your fabrics. Now it’s time to order your new window treatments!

You should leave some extra time for possible shipping holdups, such as extreme weather. Shipment times depend on the type of product being ordered. Certain product types take longer to be shipped simply because they come from further regions.

Generally, the more customization you include, the longer the timeline. There are many options when it comes to customizing your window treatments. Work with one of our expert designers to find a product that fits your interior décor and meets your timeline.

We hoped this shed some light on custom window treatment installation times and remember to plan ahead! Please let us know about your own experiences in the comments section below.


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As you can see, some products take longer than others and there are some things you can already start thinking about. While the kids are in school, you can start designing a gorgeous interior just in time for the holidays.

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