Design Fusion: Custom Window Treatments You’ll Both Love!

When it comes to decorating, you and your partner may have a hard time seeing eye to eye. That’s where we come in. With help from one of our design experts, we can help tell a style story that’s sure to please both of you. And with the personalization of custom window treatments, you will both find elements you love that will bring the whole room together. During the month of June, we are offering $50 towards your order of custom window treatments.


One Loves Clean Lines. One Loves Flowing Curves.

custom window treatmentsCompromise is the name of the game when designing a space for both of you to love. There’s no reason why the two of you can’t take your favorite ideas and bring them together for a perfect look. With custom window treatments, our amazing selection of fabrics will give you inspiration for the ultimate in design fusion. You CAN have it all. The soft flow of drapery panels paired with the dramatic look of wide stripes will offer elements to exceed your expectations.


Find What You Love in Trending Design.

Custom Window TreatmentsMarsala has been named Pantone’s 2015 Color of the Year. From paint and wallpaper to drapery panels and top treatments, sometimes the best way to find a design you both love is to explore new trends. Paisley prints and curved metallics will fit beautifully into your home, as custom window treatments set a backdrop of style.


Gender Rules You Need to Break.

Custom Window TreatmentsTraditional decorating can have strong ties to gender. To help both of you love your shared space, it’s time to let go of what has been. Large-scale floral prints are all the rage right now. Make it work with gender neutrality in mind by turning traditional decor upside down. Custom window treatments featuring florals in blues and greens cross those boundaries with style and grace, offering detailing to love with colors that soothe.


Dress It Up with Details.

Custom Window TreatmentsHighlight your look with personalization to make the space your own. Contrast banding, decorative trims and the subtlety of embellished fringe, add a distinguished finish to your custom window treatments. You’ll love the polished appearance. You’ll love the way it brings all the design elements together for a look you’ll both enjoy for years to come. During the month of June, we are offering $50 towards your order of custom window treatments.


We want to help. We want to tell your story. Our design experts will listen to both of you and create a perfect space with custom window treatments that display your beautiful view and the fusion of your styles. This month, you have the opportunity to save $50 towards your order of custom window treatments. Contact us today for your free, in-home consultation.