Find New Window Treatments For Your Style

Lost in the deep, dark depths of the internet searching far and wide for the perfect window treatments?

Can’t read the interior design map and your creative compass is broken?

Hold tight, aid is coming your way!

We’ve locked onto your coordinates and are bringing you to our image portfolio.

We’ve built an oasis for window covering inspiration to guide you on your artistic journey to custom window treatments. Follow us through our new image portfolio, as we shed light on the once-mystic world of window treatments.

Finding Inspiration In The World Of Exciting Windows!

inspireNo need to worry. You are safe now and in good hands.

Browse through the new image portfolio of Exciting Windows!, where all images are neatly organized all in one place and there’s more inspiring photos than you can imagine.

Here we have created an illuminating design experience to help you find the perfect window treatments.

On each portfolio you choose to enter, instructions will be listed at the top to guide you from inspiration to consultation.

Hold our hands as we guide you through the Window Treatments Ideas page, a way to find inspiration on Exciting Windows!

Already know what window treatments you are interested in, call today for a FREE in-home consultation!

Travel To The Planet of Productstypes

The greatest part of this new place is that it is a custom built personal experience organized by style, room, and product. You can decide where to go and how you want to use it.

Start with products types and find your way traveling through the portfolio to new and exciting places.

Discover blinds, shades, shutters, even custom curtains and draperies you never thought existed. Bet you didn’t know there were motorized blinds you could control from your iPhone, did you?

Have you even found the custom finials and curtain rods, just past the unique accessories and hardware?

How Do I Get To The Sea Of Styles?

stylesStart on your creative path by style and decor! Grab your survival supplies and dive right into the Image Portfolio of Ideas By Style & Decor. Swim through the sea of rustic, modern, country, and traditional styles of window treatments.


Find hidden treasure within the contemporary styles and bring back some jewels of inspiration for your project.

Whether you are looking to refresh your home’s interior or you just moved into a new home and are looking for big ideas for the whole house, discovering your style is a fun and enjoyable path.


Discovering The Land Of Hidden Rooms

roomsAt this point in your journey, you may know exactly where you want your custom window treatments, but you may not know how specific ones will look good in the room. Well, lace up those bootstraps and grab your hiking pack, we’re wandering through the Image Portfolio for Room Ideas.

One of the hardest parts of selecting window treatments is having no idea how they’ll look in your room.

Are those shades too opaque in here? How will custom draperies look in the kitchen?

Climb through the folder of Window Treatments by Room and explore how Exciting Windows! Members have designed custom window coverings in every room.

Frolic through the fields of bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens and find yourself in the forests of family rooms, kids rooms, and offices. Don’t forget to snapshot the scenery (save the photo) and save it for when you schedule your design consultation.


Experienced Traveler Ready To Create Your Own Treatments?

Now that you’ve traveled to far and away places with window coverings galore, you are ready to create an oasis of your own. Find an Exciting Windows! Member in your area to start your project.

Share with us your experiences traveling through the world of image portfolios and we’ll incorporate them into your custom window treatments.

Let an Exciting Windows! expert help you create the home of your dreams with custom window coverings!


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