How to Avoid Choosing the Wrong Window Treatments for Your Beautiful Rooms: Shop At Home.

The solution is so simple: Choose the window fashion products, materials and fabrics AT HOME, WITH an expert Window Fashions Professional, IN the rooms where they will be meticulously installed, and IN THE LIGHT in which your new custom window treatments will be seen and enjoyed.

Further, if you’re like most homeowners, you have collected treasured furnishings and art, and selected colors and fabrics that require the closest match or most compelling contrast to create the perfect look you crave.  “Blue” isn’t just blue.  There exist a myriad of shades and hues and tints of “Blue”, so finding the exact match when adding more blue to your rooms can be truly daunting. We help take the uncertainty out of this equation by showing you ALL of what’s possible and available, right at home.

Even if you have what one might consider a “problem window” or two (or more!), fear not.  There isn’t a window for which your at-home window fashions professional can’t offer multiple great solutions that might amaze you!

There is simply no better way to shop for this important interior décor purchase than to do it in the context of the home environment.  AND we’ll make it fun! We’re experienced in EVERY type of window treatment, including new innovations you may not yet have discovered, and we bring it all directly TO YOU!


We can make YOUR windows more beautiful AND practical.  You’ll LOVE how we work together! See many great examples in our design portfolio, and let your imagination soar. THEN Call for a FREE In-Home Consultation!