Lift Options For Window Treatments

Qmotion-control-436x201 (1)The start of a new year signals a chance at a new beginning.

In 2016, let your New Year’s resolutions extend into your home. Let’s give those windows a lift and upgrade with new lift options for window treatments in 2016!

There are several different lift options for windows available. We’ve broken them down for you here.

Top 5 Lift Options For Window Treatments

Chances are you didn’t know there were so many options out there to lift your window treatments. Below, we’ve outline the main lift options to consider when purchasing your window treatments.

child-safety-square1. Cordless

There are a variety of cordless blind options including shutters, motorized blinds, and stay-put lift systems that allow for easy raising and lowering to your desired height.

Cordless window treatments forego messy, dangling pull cords and give windows a sleeker, cleaner look for less clutter. Cordless control options for the best window coverings for children’s bedrooms. They are a child safe option, doing away with strangulation risks for households with small children and pets.



2. Motorized

Workout your windows with various motorized options that make lifting and lowering the blinds a snap. Lift them all with just the touch of a button!

Motorized lift options for window treatments typically feature a hidden motor system that does all the work.

Easily control shades shifting up and down, opening and closing through a remote control or even right from your smartphone or tablet mobile device.



standard-cord-lift3. Standard Cord Lift

This was probably the first option that came to mind when before looking into other lift options. The basic window treatment lift option utilizes a pull cord to raise or lower the blinds and shades.

Although this is a time-honored option, there are various accessories you can add to create custom window treatments unique to your needs.

While this makes a great standard option, it is important to remember homes with pets or small children may consider cordless, child-safe window treatment options.


continuous-loop4. Continuous Loop

The Continuous loop lift option relies on a rotating pulley system to raise and lower the window treatment.

From a raised position, tugging down on the front half of the loop pulls shades down to your desired position.

While from a lowered position, a tug on the rear of the loop raises them back up again.

Some options with continuous loop lift options include roller loop systems and dual shade systems.


cordless-shades5. Top Down/Bottom Up

For the ultimate light and privacy control, top-down/bottom-up window shades can be controlled from both the top or the bottom.

This allows for optimal control of natural light while also adjusting to your privacy needs.

Roman shades, cellular shades, pleated shades, woven wood and honeycomb shades can all be found in this style of lift option.





We Can Help Find the Perfect Lift Options for Window Treatments

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