Patio Door Solutions You’ll Love!

It’s a beautiful time of year – the best time of year to get out and enjoy your outdoor space, or even just take in the sights from the comfort of your home. But what if something is in the way of that enjoyment? Quite literally, your patio doors could be in the way of you getting the most out of this wonderful time of year. If troublesome issues interfere with your enjoyment – you need patio door solutions! We have some favorites here, for your inspiration. Want to see more? We’d love to show you with a free, in-home consultation. What’s the risk? None at all – you can even start with a phone or email consultation if that’s more comfortable. Then you’ll be on your way to an amazing Summer before you know it, with patio door solutions you and your family love.

Blinds. Drapery Panels. Both.

Patio Door SolutionsCustom blinds and drapery panels are both great choices when you are searching for patio door solutions. These window coverings offer light control, privacy and a barrier against direct heat that can cause UV damage, glare and uncomfortable temperatures. They can both exist individually, or in combination, adding beautiful style to any space – especially in an open concept where the coordination of windows and doors can be particularly important. The pairing of window treatments with window coverings allows you to stage the scene, setting the perfect atmosphere every time, while the function of the patio doors is uninterrupted.


Natural Textures. Coordinated Harmony.

Patio Door SolutionsThe woven wood shades of the Horizons Averte collection will enhance the decor of your home by bringing in the serenity of nature. The woven folds provide patio door solutions of light control, UV protection, privacy and a layer between your home and the direct light. The ease of operation means you won’t lose out on function. Add a coordinating roman shade to complement your home across window types. During the month of May, with your order of Horizons Averte, receive a free valance, adding just the right finishing detail to your home.

Sleek Styling. Contemporary Panels.

Patio Door SolutionsHigh traffic areas need solutions that offer function and durability. You deserve a backdrop in your home that overflows with style and sophistication. Panel track treatments provide you with patio door solutions to diffuse the glare while still allowing you to enjoy your view – depending on your preference for opacity. Privacy, light control and UV protection are some of the benefits of adding panel tracks to your home. Gliding easily for high traffic function and effortless control, heightened styling is guaranteed as fabrics coordinate with other windows and complement the beauty of your home. Add a custom top treatment for your own unique look and experience sleek styling with contemporary appeal.


Classic Tradition. The Sophistication of Shutters.

Patio Door SolutionsA bit of old world charm and modern appeal come together when your patio doors feature the enduring refinement of plantation shutters. Sometimes gliding, sometimes folding or sometimes just attached to the window pane of a door, shutters endure function and use, to provide you with patio door solutions you cannot live without. The louvers offer your home directional light control and adjustable view and privacy. Showcasing the beauty of shutters, you will enjoy comfort set by levels of light control, and the classic ambiance of plantation shutters.


The joy of your outdoor space and beautiful weather can be lost if you don’t have the right patio door solutions. From the ease of panels or shutters that glide, to the flowing look of Horizons Averte or custom drapery panels, find just the right look for your home. During the month of May, receive a free valance with your order of Horizons Averte. Need more inspiration? We would love to help you find what you deserve. Contact us for a free, in-home consultation.