Paying Tribute to Nature: Window Treatments of Natural Fibers

Natural Window Treatments
Nature offers the perfect palette for your next decorating project. Soft, earthy tones and natural fibers combine to offer your interior design the cool, calm harmony of the landscape. Along with decor accents that boast nature’s elements, such as fresh cut flowers and river rocks, showcasing the outdoors by highlighting your view is a great way to bring some of nature’s beauty into your home.
Window treatments that display natural fibers and the textures of the outdoors are an amazing addition to this natural look. The graceful air of the outdoors can be on display with window treatments of natural fibers. Offering your home light control, privacy and UV protection, the textures and fibers will also create an atmosphere of dramatic styling, as the backdrop of filtered sunlight disperses into your home.

Set the Scene.
The richness of natural fibers will transform your home as the peace and harmony of the outdoors highlights your view. Woven Wood Shades display the reeds, grasses and bamboo of nature for a breathtaking scene. Fabrics of linen, silk or cotton in drapery panels and shadings offer the intricate detailing of fibers, woven together for sophisticated character. The structural integrity of leather, metal or wood provides a unique look for cornices, while the finials and rods of decorative hardware is nicely detailed with wood or metals.

Layers of Layers.
While the natural fibers highlight your view, take the opportunity to dress it up with the layering effect for complementary design. Add the flowing grace of drapery panels for a strong contrast to the strength of natural fibers. Drapery panels, valances and cornices, when added to your window treatment design, create depth and dimension for your space. Stir up some contemporary fashion by adding layers of color – inspired by nature – to your neutral window treatments. Layering is the perfect way to do energy efficient – with style. Pair the uniformity, organization and neutral tones of honeycomb shades – for the highest levels of energy efficiency – with the dramatic styling and flow of drapery panels for a combination that will provide your home with a striking appearance.


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