Window Treatment Colors of the Year

Have you ever thought, wow looking this good takes time?

You carefully select each aspect of your outfit. The perfect bracelet to match your new nail color and those breathtaking shoes to compliment your one-of-a-kind dress. Your home’s interior must have the same level of style sprinkled throughout it – but that is not always an easy task.

Well Miss Fashionista, we want to show you how to incorporate the window treatment colors of the year into your stylish interior designs to stay on top of this year’s window fashion trends.

Window Treatment Colors of the Year 2016

For the first time ever, has Pantone selected 2 colors of the year ,and of course, we couldn’t help but ask our window covering experts what their favorite colors are, and why.

Break out the idea-book and start taking notes, it’s time to start designing your own custom window treatments with this year’s modern colors in mind. Read more to learn about the Window Treatment Colors of the Year for 2016.


Pantone Color of the Year #1 – Rose Quartz

rose quartzAside from being absolutely gorgeous, the gentle tone of Rose Quartz is a warm embracing rose tone that evokes compassion as well as a sense of composure. The soft hue of pink creates a warm feeling throughout any room, without making an aggressive statement.

Rose Quartz can be used for a young girl or kids bedroom, on bathroom window treatments, and even in a baby’s nursery. It doesn’t even have to be used for the window coverings. As you start designing the room, you begin to consider ways to tie it all together.


To easily tie Rose Quartz into your design, know this pairs wonderfully with various roller shades of soft blue and subtle navy shades. While letting Rose Quartz take the center stage, smooth shades of white and light gold bring an elegant look into the design.


Pantone Color of the Year #2 – Serenity

serenityWhat better way to design your sanctuary, than with the cool tranquil blue of Serenity. The ideal color brings relaxation and a calming effect into your home. Can you think of a better feeling when walking in the door after a long day’s work than pure serenity?

Great for setting the mood with window treatments, Serenity can be the primary color of many window treatment colors, without coming off too strong. It can be paired with a smooth shade of brown to bring a welcoming and cozy feeling to spaces made for gathering and relaxing such as the living room.

Window treatments colors with serenity create a relaxing mood in any room.

Perhaps, you are searching for french door and patio door solutions and you want to figure out how to create a more subtle look. Serenity is one of those colors that can be used anywhere in your home and you are still going to love it.


Benjamin Moore’s Simply White

simply whiteNothing says new beginnings and endless possibilities better than Benjamin Moore’s Simply White as their pick for a color of the year. Excellent for those small rooms you are having trouble with, Simply White opens up the rooms for a lighter, fresher finish.

Maybe you just bought your first house and are dying to paint those white walls. Using Simply White for thick creamy draperies, allows for the new wall color to shine while still bringing elegance into the room. You can even select a predominantly white fabric with your wall color spread throughout in an intricate design.


Though it may just seem like a variation of white, this color brings up feelings of balance and contentment that will compliment many of the brighter tones available. We really like this color selection as it is versatile, modern, and adds a fresh finish to your interior design.


Exciting Windows! Members Color of the Year Selections

We polled our Exciting Windows! members to find out their thoughts on the colors of the year. They were asked, “What is your favorite color tone for interior decorating?”

After going through their submissions, here are our favorite Exciting Windows! member picks for window treatment colors of the year and interior decorating.


Whether you are looking for sun blocking shades in your bedroom or are curious about window treatment installation times, we are here to help!


With so many different window treatments colors out there, we understand how it can be difficult to get started. That’s why we want to help you in your selection! Find a Window Treatment Expert in your area.

We’ll bring the color palette to your home, match it to your decor and wall paint from the comfort of your living room. An Exciting Windows! expert will help select the perfect window treatments colors for your home!

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