Worth the Wait…Beautiful Window Treatments for the Holidays

Drapery Panel Window TreatmentsIn our world that is made up of “Hurry! Hurry! Hurry!”, there are still some things that are worth the wait. Long-lasting love, a fine wine, a dream that finally comes true. These are things of priceless beauty – understanding that time and patience, along with skill combine to offer us the best outcome. Exciting Windows! is proud of the products we provide to our clients, knowing that the detail and craftsmanship that goes into custom window treatments makes them worth the wait.

Drapery Panels…the Beauty of Custom Design.

Roller Shade Window TreatmentsWith the sophistication and elegance of custom drapery panels, your windows will offer the complementary finish your home deserves. With an amazing selection of fabrics and materials, you can create a designer look for your home that will highlight and accentuate your decor for a dramatic scene. The custom creation of drapery panels, top treatments and other soft window treatments is a thing of timeless beauty, but the complexity of such products can take time. Worth waiting for, these soft treatments must be ordered in advance of special occasions. We want your holidays to be hassle-free so you can enjoy your traditions and family gatherings in the setting of your beautiful, well-designed home.

Shutters…Craftsmanship Beyond Compare.

Plantation Shutters Window TreatmentsThe intricate detail and skilled dexterity needed to create shutters means you are receiving the ultimate beauty and design. From the combination of elements that are joined together for long-lasting durability, to the polished refinement of finishes and paints, shutters will fill your home with genuine warmth and tradition. The classic romance of shutters can provide your home with the beauty of high end design. Because shutters are one of our most sought-after window treatments, we want you to enjoy the beauty of them before the rush of the holidays. During the month of September, we are offering $100 off an order of $1,000 or $250 off an order of $2,500. Ordering now will allow time for that detailed craftsmanship, and you will receive beautiful shutters before you have to worry about the hustle and bustle of the holidays.

The beauty of your holiday season can be showcased with the dramatic backdrop of custom window treatments. The quality and craftsmanship of detailed design is an art. This work takes time, but it’s worth the wait. We know how much you want the holidays to be perfect. Let our designers show you just what you need for the ideal atmosphere for entertaining. During the month of September, we are offering $100 off an order of $1,000 or $250 off an order of $2,500. Contact us for a free, in-home consultation.