How To Clean Blinds, Shades, Shutters, And Draperies In Your Home

Close up on clean blinds with a complimentary blue candle and book.Spring is in the air! Time to break out the feather duster and get rid of the clutter.

Around this time every year, we feel the need to clean up the house, throw out the unnecessary, and bring in a new, refreshing look to our homes.

We’ve provided you with some tips on how to clean your window treatments all year long. That way next year you won’t have to devote several Saturdays to cleaning the house.

Throughout this blog, we will provide you with the best techniques to clean your window treatments, based on what products and materials you have.

How To Clean Blinds, Shades, Shutters, and Draperies

Some window coverings are cleaned just like other hard surfaces, with a feather duster or some cleaning spray. However, others require more cautious approach and should be handled with care because of their high value. Below, we’ve outlined the perfect way to clean your window treatments to maintain an amazing interior, all year long.

How To Clean Blinds

When cleaning blinds, the first question you need to ask yourself is what material are they made of. Metal and vinyl blinds are easier to clean than wood blinds. Next, are they horizontal or vertical? Horizontal blinds are easier to clean because they detach, whereas vertical blinds are attached by cords and cannot be taken apart.

Looking at a gorgeous view of outside through open blinds.On a monthly basis, you should start by closing the blinds so they are pointed down and flat. Using a feather duster, wool duster, or damp soft cloth, start moving from top to bottom and watch the dust disappear. Twist the blinds to position them so the slats are facing up and repeat the process. For horizontal blinds, remove them and clean them using the same process.

On a bi-annual basis, each slat should be cleaned individually using warm water and a light detergent. This can be done with a dampened cloth and some dishwashing soap. (Please note, you should never use abrasive cleaners as it will damage the finish!) With vertical blinds, this may seem a bit tedious, but it truly makes all the difference!

How To Clean Shades

Before you start cleaning your sun-blocking window shades, it is important you know not to begin by spot cleaning the shades. Although there may be light stains or splotches, it is essential you start by dusting the shades, instead of starting with the stains.

Top down, bottom up controlled white shades in a Spring decorated bathroom.On a monthly basis, whether your shades are Roman shades, pleated, honeycomb, or other non-washable shades, begin your cleaning process by dusting them. Start by using your vacuum’s suction hose with the soft brush attachment. Work your way from side to side all the way down the shade, and see the dust fade away.

On a bi-monthly basis, after dusting the shade, you can use a slightly dampened cloth and some dishwashing soap with warm water to clean off the stains. Start from the bottom and work your way up the shade. Make sure you do not saturate the material. Just rinse, blot, and then leave the shades fully extended so they dry uniformly.

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How To Clean Shutters

Most people shy away from shutters because they think they are difficult to clean. But we are here to outline the easiest process to keep your shutters looking as luxurious and clean as the day they were installed. No matter if your shutters are made of wood or vinyl, here are the best cleaning techniques.

Wood shutters matching to a bedspread and paired with shadesOn a monthly basis, dust your shutters with either a feather duster, vacuum, or soft cloth. Start by closing the slats so they are flat and then work your way from top to bottom to remove the dust. Make sure you are not pressing too hard on the shutters because they are affixed to your window frame and you do not want to rip them from the wall or detach from their control rods.

On a bi-annual basis, wipe down each slat with a slightly dampened cloth and then dry them. Depending on whether they are wood or vinyl, you can use a hard surface cleaner or wood polish. Make sure to read the back of the cleaning solution container, as you do not want your finish to be removed. To dry them, just open your windows and let the for a natural, cool breeze do the trick.

How To Clean Draperies

Custom draperies and curtains are the window treatments that require the most care. So many different materials, fabrics, and trim are used in custom draperies and curtains that each project is different. Be sure to ask your design professional if the benefits of energy efficient drapes include low maintenance cleaning or if special cleaning is required.

Floral draperies matching an orange floral sofaOn a monthly basis, using the low-suction setting on your vacuum and the soft brush attachment, lightly dust your draperies or curtains. Make sure you are fanning out the draperies entirely, so as to not let dust remain in between pleats or embellishments. It is important to note that bathrooms and kitchens tend to produce more dust than other rooms used less frequently, so draperies here should be dusted more often.

Once a year, you need to do a deeper cleaning of the material. If the draperies are made of a washable material, carefully detach them from the curtain rod and other accessories and place them in the washer machine on a gentle cycle. Do not put them in the dryer! If they are iron-friendly fabric, iron them on a low setting while they are damp and hang them to dry.

Special materials need to be either dry-cleaned or cleaned by a professional. If you do not know whether your drapery materials need to be dry-cleaned or cleaned by a professional, please contact your window coverings professional to find out. Cleaning them incorrectly could result in ruining them completely.

Clean Window Treatments All Year Long

We hope this helped you with your spring cleaning. Now you can keep your window treatments in perfect condition all year long. If you haven’t been cleaning according to our tips, make sure you get to it as soon as possible.

Neglecting your window treatments could ultimately mean ruining them completely! Plan ahead with cleaning and custom window treatment installation times to have optimal window treatments all year long.



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