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Parents! Improve Your Life with Child-safe Window Treatments

The moment you become…a mom, a dad, a family…everything changes. It’s amazing. It’s beautiful. It’s wonderfully…complicated. Whoever thought it could be this hard? The constant worry. The nonstop questions. The unending heartbreak, knowing the things you are doing, or not doing, are hopefully leading them …

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Not Your Grandmother’s Roller Shades!

Roller shades…easy, efficient, durable and safe. Roller shades have been a well-known product across the ages, but it’s time to get to know the modern-age roller shade. This new version of an old classic rivals the design components of any shade on the market, while …

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For Your Patio: French Door & Patio Door Solutions

  “What should I do with my patio doors?” “What solutions are there for sliding glass?” “Are window treatments available for french doors?” These are just a couple questions that we get all the time from our clients. Patio doors and sliding glass doors are …

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